Lineman-friendly features make it easy to install; its long, reliable operating life reduces the hassle of lighting grid maintenance (especially when paired with ROAM® and DTL® smart controls).


Energy efficiency and holistic longevity make Autobahn the ultimate sustainable solution for renovating legacy streetlights.


Combined with simple installation, reliability and long system life, the performance of the Autobahn Series allows DOTs to maximize pole spacing on high speed roadways, further minimizing operational costs.

Two Form Factors

The Autobahn family of roadway luminaires is available in seven different unique models comprised of two form factors, each available in three or more sizes.
The ATB2ATB0 and ATB Micro offer a modern, sleek rectilinear form factor engineered with a cutting edge discrete LED engine for maximum efficiency and uniformity. 
Large ATB2, Medium ATB0, Small ATB Micro
The ATBL, ATBMATBS, and ATBX provide a more traditional cobrahead form factor engineered with powerful LED engine for lower initial cost and enhanced overall value.

At a Glance

Typical Applications

Value-Added Design Features

Product Web Pages

Access the following product web pages for photometry, spec sheets, literature and other detailed information on each of the Autobahn products.

Case Studies

West Richland, Wa

City of West Richland, Wash., installs Acuity Brands® smart street-lighting solution to cut associated annual energy costs by a projected 61 percent.

WSDOT - U.S. Hwy. 101

Autobahn ATB2 luminaires, combined with control system, allow Washington State DOT to slash energy and maintenance costs on U.S. Highway 101 lighting.

Tucson, AZ

City of Tucson, Ariz., upgrades street lights to networked LED system to protect night skies and reduce energy costs.

Austin, TX

Austin Energy converts their street lighting to a smart LED network with an expected savings of a million dollars annually in energy and operating costs.