Utility Market Solutions

For decades the AEL® brand has been providing utility companies everywhere with reliable lighting solutions that help to enhance their customers’ safety and satisfaction.

Driving Success in Utility Lighting Programs

AEL leads the lighting industry in economical, low-maintenance outdoor lighting solutions to help utilities boost their bottom line, including lineman-friendly solutions designed specificaly for utilities. Our utility solutions incorporate energy-efficient LED technology into flood, security, roadway and decorative post-top luminaires. We also offer industry-leading controls to help maximize operational efficiency and enhance sustainability efforts.


Downtown Streets

AEL offers a variety of utility-friendly outdoor lighting solutions to enhance downtown streetscapes with colonial lanterns and poles that provide a period style aesthetic to your streetscape.


Commercial Districts

Commercial and shopping districts can become more inviting for drivers and pedestrians as a result of the enhanced visibility that AEL lighting solutions can provide.


Residential Streets

Colonial post-top lanterns can beautify residential neighborhoods, while Autobahn LED cobra heads provide utilities a low-maintenance, energy-efficient solution that can help minimize operating costs and enhance sustainability efforts.



High-speed, multi-lane roadways and collector roads can easily be addressed with AEL Autobahn roadway lighting solutions, which offer high uniformity, wide pole spacing and reduced maintenance over HID alternatives.



Utilities can offer attractive, colonial-style lighting solutions for higher education and business campuses that need illumination of streets, walkways and outdoor gathering areas by night and aesthetic appeal by day.


Parks & Rec

Beautify parks and recreation areas with colonial lanterns that improve visibility to help enhance visitor safety, while reducing time spent on maintenance and repair.


Large Areas

We can address many large-area outdoor lighting needs you may have, such as parking lots, gathering areas or outdoor manufacturing areas.



Our reliable, energy-efficient lighting solutions can improve illumination and visibility, helping utilities enhance security and customer satisfaction.

Featured Products

Autobahn ATB0

The ATB0 is the ideal choice for replacing up to 250W cobraheads in a variety of roadway and area applications.

Autobahn ATBM

Drive down operational costs with the durable ATBM solution in applications requiring up to 250W HID cobraheads.

ARDL Lantern Series

Improve visibility and reduce cost when replacing up to 150W HPS Colonial lanterns with the ARDL.


Streets & Highways Lighting Guide

Comprehensive guide to outdoor LED lighting and controls solutions for a variety of street & highway applications.

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Austin Energy Case Study Video

Learn how Austin Energy switched their outdoor lighting over to a smart LED network to save energy and reduce operating costs.

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Autobahn Series Owns the Road

Explore a completely re-engineered LED engine with precision-molded silicone optics.

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Smart Solutions for Utilities Video

Video featuring the smart lighting solutions available from Holophane and AEL specifically engineered with Utilities in mind.

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