LED System Cuts Energy Consumption by 74 Percent at Bartow County College

Autobahn system eliminates dark spots, improves campus security

Bartow County College and Career Academy (BCCCA) is a joint venture between the community, K-12 education, post secondary education, business and industry to provide a viable 21st century workforce for Bartow County and the surrounding area. Located 45 miles north of Atlanta in Cartersville, Georgia, BCCCA opened its doors to students in August, 2013 in the previous Cass High School facility.

During the facility renovation, the Bartow County Board of Education’s director of maintenance contacted Georgia Power, a Southern Company, for recommendations to improve nighttime visibility on the campus. At the time, facility parking lots and driveways were illuminated by 28 1,000-watt metal halide (MH) fixtures.

Georgia Power outdoor lighting experts visited BCCCA and conducted a lighting analysis to determine whether the college could reduce its monthly energy bills by retrofitting the existing MH fixtures with a light-emitting diode (LED) system. The analysis concluded BCCCA could reduce energy consumption 74 percent by installing Autobahn LED luminaires from American Electric Lighting.

According to Jonathan Bozeman, Georgia Power account executive, enhanced safety and security of students, faculty and property were important factors. Illumination from the Autobahn LED luminaires is directional so all light shines toward the area to be illuminated, which also eliminates light trespass.

Georgia Power submitted a proposal to BCCCA recommending a retrofit of the 28 MH with 28 Autobahn LED luminaires. The LED fixtures would not only improve nighttime visibility and significantly reduce energy costs but they would provide a bright white light similar to that provided by the MH luminaires.

The Bartow County Board of Education signed the contract for the new LED system in June, 2013 and the retrofit was completed by August, 2013, with the LED luminaires installed on the existing 30-foot aluminum poles.

“The Autobahn LED fixtures look great and significantly improve lighting uniformity on the BCCCA campus,” Bozeman said. “They eliminate dark spots and hot areas, which helps increase student and staff security. We also anticipate long fixture life and reduced maintenance requirements.”

Energy consumption for the outdoor lighting system decreased 22,400 watts. The previous 1,080-watt MH fixtures consumed 30,240 watts compared to 7,840 watts for the 280-watt Autobahn LED luminaires. The LED fixtures have a correlated color temperature (CCT) of 4,000K and a color rendering index of 70.

Autobahn LED luminaires are controlled by a photocell on each fixture, with instant on and no warm-up time. The luminaires are environmentally friendly and include no hazardous materials to recycle. Reduced energy consumption also lowers greenhouse gas emissions.