Committed to Education

Throughout our history, Holophane has shown a strong commitment to education. For more than 100 years we have provided to our customers and fellow lighting professionals an understanding of the physics of optics, lighting terminology, and human vision. This thorough commitment to education makes ours the most extensive training for lighting sales people on this continent. Holophane headquarters is on campus with the Acuity Brands "Center for Light & Space" in Granville, Ohio. Learn more about the training facility.


Our Valuable Seminars

These seminars include general lighting education as well as information on Holophane luminaires and lighting systems. Facility tours and lighting demonstrations are included in most of the seminars.

We also provide an in-depth lighting education for all of our sales personnel at our Center for Light & Space - Granville. They attend almost three months of training, which includes lighting and vision fundamentals, optics, photometry, calculations, product training, and sales training.

Click here to access a complete listing of all of this year's seminars. You'll also find information on guest speakers and eligibility for education credits!

Featured Resources

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Technical Topics

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Center for Light & Space

Find out how you can further your lighting education with our valuable seminars.

LED Life and Depreciation

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