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Night Time Demo

Our one-of-a-kind Nighttime Demo is the ultimate venue to experience and compare outdoor LED lighting and controls in real-world roadway and area applications.


Leading the Way in Experimental Learning

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then walking through a lighted space is priceless. Viewing product performance, seeing lighting effects, and comparing different lighting sources and different styles of luminaires are productive ways for both the lighting novice and the lighting expert to increase their understanding of outdoor lighting.


Walking Through Lighting Scenarios

The concept behind the Acuity Brands Nighttime Demo at Holophane headquarters in Granville, Ohio, is to be able to walk through a series of outdoor lighting scenarios to experience the visibility and lighting quality of each design. In many cases an instantaneous comparison of systems can be viewed. For example, a comparison of a road lit with LED luminaires and a road lit with high-pressure sodium luminaires can be made at several viewing stations.

This one-of-a-kind lighting experience is an invaluable asset to anyone responsible for specifying lighting products. It can help you to far better understand the pros and cons of a wide variety of light sources, distributions, technologies and more.

Seeing is Believing


Walk among different color-temperature sources at 2000 K, 3000 K, 4000 K, 5000 K and 6000 K. Being able to do this all in one place is extremely valuable. LED, high-pressure sodium, and conventional and new metal halide sources can be examined and their lighting quality evaluated.

Also, study the difference between using full cutoff, cutoff and semi-cutoff systems. Check out the concept of vertical footcandles and roadway luminance as they relate to each lighting system. Type II, III and IV luminaires are demonstrated, and their ability to light different-width roads sheds some light on luminaire classifications.

Experience the Nighttime Demo and you will leave with a greater level of confidence that you understand firsthand what the different outdoor lighting technologies available today can offer you and how they stack up side by side. Don't specify your next lighting installation without the assurance that you know you are making the best decision based on personal experience. Come experience the Nighttime Demo in scenic Granville, Ohio!

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Wireless Network Connectivity

The control of the Nighttime Demo luminaires is accomplished with the latest technology. We use the ROAM® (Remote Operations Asset Management) system. Every luminaire is outfitted with a ROAM node, which in this instance becomes a tour director's dream. Luminaires are grouped and turned on and off with the use of a tablet PC wirelessly connected to the internet and the ROAM website. Want to see something different? Just ask your tour director and another comparison is under way.