Municipal Market Solutions

With our broad portfolio of outdoor lighting and control solutions, the AEL® brand is dedicated to meeting the lighting needs of municipalities, villages and other local governments.

Reduce Operating Costs and Enhance Safety

Outdoor lighting solutions from the AEL brand provide high value at an affordable cost, thereby helping municipalities stay within fiscal budgets without sacrificing the safety and satisfaction of residents. We offer energy-efficient LED solutions for your downtown, public roadways, residential streets and a variety of flood and area lighting applications. We also offer industry-leading controls to help maximize operational efficiency and enhance sustainability efforts.


Downtown Streets

The AEL brand offers a variety of outdoor lighting solutions to enhance downtown streetscapes with colonial lanterns and poles that provide a period-style aesthetic to your streetscape.


Commercial Districts

Commercial and shopping districts can become more inviting for drivers and pedestrians as a result of the enhanced visibility that AEL lighting solutions can provide.


Residential Streets

Colonial post-top lanterns can beautify residential neighborhoods, while Autobahn LED cobra heads provide municipalities a low-maintenance, energy-efficient solution that can help minimize operating costs and enhance sustainability efforts.


Parking Lots

We can provide reliable, energy-efficient LED parking lot solutions that improve illumination to help enhance safety and visual comfort for drivers and pedestrians.


Building Exterior

Our ACP LED flood series can improve the exterior lighting of municipal buildings while reducing the operating costs of façade or security lighting applications, compared to HID.


Parks & Rec

Beautify parks and recreation areas with colonial lanterns that improve visibility to help enhance visitor safety, while reducing time spent on maintenance and repair.

Featured Products

AVPL2 Lantern Series

Enhance the architectural appeal of your site when replacing up to 150W HPS Colonial lanterns with the AVPL2.

Autobahn ATBS

Reduce energy and maintenance with the value-driven ATBS when replacing up to 150W HID cobraheads.

Hartsfield LED Acorn

The economical Hartsfield HTFL LED Acorn Series was designed with features specifically for the needs of Utilities.


Streets & Highways Lighting Guide

Comprehensive guide to outdoor LED lighting and controls solutions for a variety of street & highway applications.

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El Paso TX Case Study Video

Engaging success story of an integrated lighting solution from Holophane, AEL and Acuity Controls ROAM in the city of El Paso, TX.

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City of Tucson Case Study Video

See how the city of Tucson improved their street lighting, reduced energy and maintenance, cut carbon emissions and enhanced safety.

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West Richland Case Study

The city of West Richland installs Acuity Brands smart street lighting solution and cut energy costs by 61 percent.

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