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DOT Market Solutions

For over 60 years, departments of transportation all over the nation have relied on the AEL® brand for durable, highly efficient luminaires and poles for high-speed roadways.

Economical and Reliable Lighting for DOT's

The Autobahn series of luminaires consists of the most comprehensive set of affordable, high-performance LED roadway solutions available to DOTs today. Two industry-leading LED engine platforms enable cobra-head replacement models with a variety of form factors, mounting heights, distributions and performance packages. Also, user-friendly features in the ATB series simplify installation and maintenance, while the LED technology reduces energy consumption and lengthens system life. This all works together to drive down your lane closures and operating costs.


High-Speed Roadways

The AEL® brand provides solutions for high-speed, multi-lane roadways requiring high application efficacy to maximize pole spacing and reduce operating costs.



Our ATB family of luminaires is engineered to maximize pole spacing while providing high uniformity and visual clarity in interchange applications, where potential driver conflict is at its highest.


Rural Highways

We offer a wide range of choices for affordably illuminating two- to four-lane rural highways with reliable, energy-efficient luminaires and controls.

Featured Products

Autobahn ATB2

As the flagship roadway solution for the AEL brand, the ATB2 provides industry-leading performance replacing over 400W HID cobraheads.

Autobahn ATBL

With up to 31,000 lumens, the ATBL is an economical replacement solution for 250-400 watt HID cobraheads.

Autobahn ATBM

Drive down operational costs with the durable ATBM solution in applications requiring up to 250W HID cobraheads.


Streets & Highways Lighting Guide

Comprehensive guide to outdoor LED lighting and controls solutions for a variety of street & highway applications.

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FDOT - Highway 98 Case Study

Gulf Power and FDOT installed Autobahn LED Luminaires to Light Busy Highway 98.

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WSDOT - US Highway 101 Case Study

Autobahn ATB2 luminaires combined with control system allow WSDOT to slash energy and maintenance costs.

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Outdoor LED Controls Guide

Comprehensive guide to outdoor lighting controls and LED luminaires from Acuity Brands.

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